Why Can’t I Sleep?


“Every night I get into bed around 10.30pm only to stare at the ceiling until 2.30am. Then I sleep until the alarm at 6. I feel so washed out” Or
“I go straight to sleep but wake somewhere between 1 – 3am, then proceed to toss and turn for two hours, then sleep fitfully until the alarm” Then only to wake up feeling like I have been hit by a bus.

Does this sound like you?

This lack of sleep can be a slippery slope to other health problems, and downright dangerous.

Being tired fuels your desire for instant energy, so toast, pastries, coffee and “energy” drinks are consumed one after the other. And this is just to get us to work!

Throughout the day this is repeated over and over, as we drag ourselves through our work day. It is with great relief when we arrive home so we can crash on the couch while we eat take away or microwave our dinner. As we have no energy to “make’’ dinner.
Then dread can set in as we face the prospect of another sleep deprived night.

Work pressures can be relentless. Many of us are still working long after we have arrived home. On top of that we are arranging the kid’s sports schedules, coordinating P and C meetings, attending to our social media profile, helping with homework, setting up skype to talk to grandparents while also becoming hooked on Candy Crush or League of Legends……Aaahhhhhhh!!!!


Make your bedroom restful, it is for sleep (and intimacy), keep your phone, tv, tablet, laptop etc in the lounge room.
Set a time for dinner and try sitting at the table and talking. After dinner dim the lights in the house, play soft music, take a bath, read a book while having a cup of calming tea.

Endeavour to eat predominantly some sort of protein and vegetables/salad for dinner, with a small piece of fruit for dessert (mandarin). This will help maintain blood sugar levels throughout the night, which can help with sleep.
Avoid all high sugar and high caffeine products in the afternoon, caffeine can take up to 8 hours to be removed from the body.

Other reasons why you are not receiving adequate sleep could be due to pain, hot flushes, frequent bathroom visits or your partner snores, and/or has frequent bathroom visits. These conditions can also be supported through Naturopathic treatments.

Having trouble sleeping is a serious problem as it has many, many consequences on your life. While you may have tried many of these suggestions and still find your sleep is still lacking, then you may benefit from a consultation with me in my Naturopathic Clinic. I am located in Kwinana, but have clients from as far afield as Joondalup to Pinjarra. You can book a time to see me by phoning me on 0424422773, or by completing the booking form below. I look forward to being part of your health solution. Kay