Where Has My Energy Gone?


Do you find you can sleep 8 or even 10 hours a night, but then wake up tired? Not only that, you have trouble getting out of bed, the covers are heavy, your legs are heavy. It’s not just cold weather, but every day. On the weekend you feel as though you could sleep all day, and spend your waking hours watching movies.

Or perhaps you have started your day ok, until a little after lunch and you are asleep at the desk, unable to focus and remain engaged for the rest of the day.

Either way you feel as though you are in a fog and find it incredibly difficult to get going. Your eyes don’t want to remain fully open; your body is hard to move. Somehow you manage to drag yourself through the day knowing you can crash on the couch when you get home. But when this is happening day after day, you are worried, life shouldn’t be like this.

You are not just fatigued, you are exhausted. Vitality and zest for life are words you only used to associate with.
What is your current energy rating out of 10? Maybe a two, and five on a good day, though you are not yet 50. Though age is no reason to be fatigued, I have a 79 year old client who is regularly at the local gym four days a week. She is a true inspiration.


First and foremost ensure you are receiving adequate sleep. After seven to nine hours of sleep you should wake refreshed and ready to enjoy the day. So sleep is the first point to address. If you have adequate sleep, or even too much (10 hr+), and you are still tired we need to look further.

You may be relying on caffeine and sugary processed foods to just get you through the day, but in the long run they are doing more harm than good. It is like whipping a horse that has fallen, there is nothing left to give. I suggest no more than 2 coffee in the morning (watch out for barista coffee with 2+ shots, this is two coffees) Also consuming sugary and processed foods have a huge impact on our blood sugar levels, which in turn greatly effects our energy and moods. Not only may you be tired in the afternoon, but grumpy also.

I know giving up the sweet treat, which seems to be the only thing keeping you going can be hard, try your best, or get help.

My advice is to eat a good source of protein with salad/vegetables and some good fats. An example would be chicken and salad with avocado and olive oil. The fibre from the whole vegetables slows the release of any sugars into the blood stream, therefore giving you sustained energy. If possible eat lunch away from your work place, get into nature if at all possible.

Eat whole fruit, instead of fruit juice.

Eat small meals regularly. Snack on nuts.

Support yourself and rest when you can, go to bed early, read a book, get a massage.

Is there something in your lifestyle that you can change to allow yourself more time for you. Perhaps leave the washing until midweek and pack up the family and go camping on a weekend once a month.

Exercise, this may sound crazy, but any movement/exercise will help to improve your energy. A slow walk through a park every morning will be very beneficial.

Hopefully some of the advice I have recommended has been helpful to you. If you have tried various changes but are finding the results are not there, then it may be time to see me in my clinic. Through a thorough consultation and looking at your eyes in Iridology, we will find the best way forward. Fatigue is not only a result of physical exhaustion, but also mental or emotional. Many people I see will say they have not been well since……
That is the beauty of a Naturopathic consultation with me. I look at all aspects of life and devise an individualized treatment programme that you feel comfortable with.

My clinic is located in Kwinana, at the back of my house in Medina. While I see many local people, I also have clients from Joondalup, Perth city and as far south as Boyup Brook. This has come about through word of mouth of current clients.
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