My Child is So Anxious and Stressed

The Problem

As a child most of us would have experienced periods of pressure or intermittent stress. Either when called on to address the class, perform at sport or stand up to answer a question we did not know the answer to. Today many of our children are feeling this way constantly. It is not intermittent and doesn’t go away. They become stressed, withdrawn, or behave badly as they do not know what they are feeling or how to express themselves.

It can be shown through the 6 year old that will not speak, or the 16 year old that mumbles, stares at the ground and cannot interact. It is so very sad to watch.
Your child may not be sleeping well, having digestive issues or not doing as well at school as they once did. We can support their digestive or cognitive function as much as possible, but until we address their underlying problem, the conditions will probably persist.


Do your best to make space for your child to come to you, to talk to you, and just listen. Talk to their teachers, their friends parents, are others also affected?
Do they have an online presence?
If they have confided in you that something is bothering them, can something be done? Change class etc. Don’t force then to do what they find uncomfortable.

Engage together as a family. Get them outside, bike rides, picnics, play board games. Keep an eye on them, but not unnecessary attention.
Teenagers may not want to be so engaging with the family as they have a lot going on, both physically and mentally. Ensure they receive adequate quality nutrition, protein and vegetables with each meal, and that they are having plenty of sleep. It is recommended teenagers receive 8 – 10 hours of sleep a night, from ages 6 – 12 they need 9 – 11 hours.

Limit screen time, not as a punishment, but as a house rule, this includes you.
The whole family can put away their screens during set meal times and at an agreed time of night. Most important is to engage with your child, make time and space for them to approach you. Many of us are just too busy to listen, so the kids give up. When they do talk to you, don’t instantly jump on them if they tell you something you don’t want to hear, just allow them to talk. It has taken a lot of courage for them to come to you.

If your child is feeling anxious, stressed and possible overwhelmed with life they may benefit from a Naturopathic Consultation with myself. I am hopeful of finding a way to engage with most children, even if we need to draw our feelings. Once we have built a rapport and they feel supported and listened to I find Naturopathic treatments are hugely beneficial. While some may not want to talk freely, they do want to return. I offer a range of treatments, depending on age and agreeability of the child.

If this sound like your child please phone me on 0424422773 to discuss your situation and make a booking, or fill in the booking sheet below. I look forward to meeting with you. Kay