I Just Can’t Shift My Weight


Are you one of the many people who feel as though you have been everywhere, tried everything and even followed the latest “influencer” online, though with little to no significant weight loss of health benefit? There is so much information around; everyone is selling something or promoting a magical cure without offering support, without having someone to go back to.

Through my years of Naturopathic consultation I found weight loss to be one of the most challenging, for both of us. Although I think I have found a common thread. Most of you may be feeling a little sad, a little tired and just not listened to. I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom, but I have found that when someone comes in for weight loss, although I support all avenues of weight loss, I initially start by making you feel good about yourself.
When you feel good about yourself, you are much more inclined to want to do good for yourself. To care for yourself better. So the eating, movement and

lifestyle all improve. This, with my support, enhances the weight loss you initially came in for.
Just reading this it may sound easy, it’s not. No weight loss is easy, no matter what the advertisers say. It takes time and a lot of dedication on your part. But just for a minute, imagine yourself as would like to be. Are you running? Wearing a bikini? Moving with ease? Sit with that image for awhile. It will make your weight loss journey easier. Knowing what life will be like once you have reached your goal weight.


Be organised. Keep a small container of nuts in the car for when you are running late, or just too hungry. 1000% better for you than the drive through you were contemplating.

Drink water, every time you think you are hungry drink a large glass of water.

Tell your friends and family what you are doing. Tell them they wouldn’t offer a cigarette to someone quitting smoking, so don’t offer you unwanted food.
Move. Find ways to increase incidental exercise into your day. Leave the remote on the TV, open and close the garage door yourself (no remote).
If you have not already done so, see your doctor and get our Thyroid and Blood Sugar levels tested. If either of these are not optimal it can indicate possible areas that need support.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight, or have experienced yo-yo dieting it may be worth your while booking a consultation with me to address all areas of your health and build a program designed for you. We will find your desired goal and devise a suitable timeframe. Remember, this is no quick fix, it is a change of life.

In my clinic here in Kwinana, I will monitor your body composition with each consultation. So you can see movement not only in your weight, but in your fat mass, muscle mass and measurements. It can be quite motivating.
My clinic is located at the rear of my house in Medina, Kwinana. It is private and peaceful. If you feel you would like to retain control of your weight please phone me today on 0424422773, or fill out the attached booking form. I look forward to supporting you on this journey. Kay