I Feel So Overwhelmed

The Problem

Do you find yourself overwhelmed when there is a change to your routine, or you have been given extra responsibility, or your husband has sprung an office function on you that is for TONIGHT! Maybe it is the continual beeping from the fridge door being left open, the washing machine has finished, text message coming in, face book reminder etc etc It just never stops! You are left in either a pool of tears, feeling nervous, sweating or you may feel the blood coursing through your veins. You just want it all to go away.

You may experience fidgeting, not wanting to leave the house, eating lunch at different times to everyone else so you don’t have to talk to them, double and triple checking that you have locked the door, not making eye contact and many other similar experiences. You are not alone. You can feel as though you are not coping, when everyone around you seems to sail on through life unaware.


While many of us have the occasional, short term moments like those described, it is the repeated, consistent feelings that make life debilitating.
Many of us are told to “get over it”. This is not a solution. Your nervous system is firing at a rapid rate, and can get worse with each new unexpected action.
While we cannot anticipate everything that is going to go on around us, one very important thing to do is to maintain regularity in our lives. Go to bed and get up at the same time. Have set hours for your work, your recreation and your meals. Even eat similar foods, do similar exercises. This is reducing any “shocks” to your nervous system. It knows what to expect next. It then becomes familiar.

You could also try period of deep breathing, this calms and nourishes your nervous system. Keep up a regular exercise programme, walking in nature would be ideal. Also ensure you receive adequate sleep. Limit your exposure to screens in general, especially social media, and any violent or scary TV or movies.

If you have similar feeling to those described, and you are feeling overwhelmed and feel as though you are not coping, you may benefit from a confidential consultation with me in my Naturopathic Clinic. In the initial consultation we get an hour to just talk, to find any causes and fears and devise a treatment plan. I may also give you a questionnaire to complete to pin point your specific requirements. While I am located in Kwinana, I see many clients from all southern suburbs, but also have them from as far away as Joondalup.

The best feedback I have had from a client in a similar situation to those described is “I just feel normal now”. I feel very privileged to be in this position to offer help to you. If you feel you could benefit from a consultation with me please phone me, Kay, on 0424422773 or complete the booking form below. I look forward to hearing from you.