My Child is So Anxious and Stressed

The Problem As a child most of us would have experienced periods of pressure or intermittent stress. Either when called on to address the class, perform at sport or stand up to answer a question we did not know the answer to. Today many of our children are feeling this way constantly. It is not ... Read more

I Just Can’t Shift My Weight

Problem Are you one of the many people who feel as though you have been everywhere, tried everything and even followed the latest “influencer” online, though with little to no significant weight loss of health benefit? There is so much information around; everyone is selling something or promoting a magical cure without offering support, without ... Read more

Where Has My Energy Gone?

Problem Do you find you can sleep 8 or even 10 hours a night, but then wake up tired? Not only that, you have trouble getting out of bed, the covers are heavy, your legs are heavy. It’s not just cold weather, but every day. On the weekend you feel as though you could sleep ... Read more

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Problem “Every night I get into bed around 10.30pm only to stare at the ceiling until 2.30am. Then I sleep until the alarm at 6. I feel so washed out” Or “I go straight to sleep but wake somewhere between 1 – 3am, then proceed to toss and turn for two hours, then sleep fitfully ... Read more

Why Am I So Bloated All the Time?

Problem You know that feeling, you eat something and instantly you’re bloated. Your pants become tight and you want to undo the button and massage your stomach. To make the situation worse you could be experiencing embarrassing flatulence, and the bloated feeling may be felt all the way up to underneath your ribs! You feel ... Read more

Is it Just Toxicity?

The Problem Imagine, Itchy skin, sinus congestion, headaches, joint pain, bloating, gas, problematic bowel motions, pain under your right ribs…….the list goes on and on, but Yes, this could all be the result of too many toxins in our bodies. Every day we are surrounded by numerous toxins, in the air, the water, our food, ... Read more