About Me

Hi, my name is Kay.

I did not grow up knowing I wanted to be a Perth Naturopath (it is something I kind of evolved into). Actually I am sure I did not know what a Naturopath was until my mid 20’s. Though all of my life I have had a keen interest in health (being healthy) with a particular emphasis on food. After all, we are what we eat, so Nutrition was always in my mind.

In my travels, I came across a book on medicinal herbs. I was captivated by a group of herbs called Amphoterics. Herbs with this action can balance the function of organs or systems within the body (e.g. cardiovascular/ nervous/ reproductive). So that was it. I had to know everything about these amazing plants and what they could do for us. So my journey to become a Naturopath had begun.

My study started at The Institute of Holistic Medicine in 2006 and has not stopped. Though qualified in 2010 and becoming a member of Australian Natural Therapists Association, all Naturopaths participate in continuous study. In 2014, I attended the International Congress on Natural Medicine in Sydney. My latest seminar was on safe prescribing alongside pharmaceuticals, and my next is on The Adrenal Epidemic.

My Naturopathic study also included Iridology. Through looking at the colour and structure of the iris it gives me an insight into the body’s systemic health. This is where I like to start our initial consultation, so I may greet you with a camera in hand!

Besides herbs, nutrients and food recommendations, I am also passionate about Australian Bush Flower Essences. They provide support for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Flower essences are subtle though extremely powerful, bringing about profound changes in your life. They not only bring clarity, but also the strength, courage and enthusiasm to follow your goals and dreams.

I have a keen interest in your health, whoever you are. Men and children included. Particular areas of wellbeing that interest me are stress and energy concerns, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, digestive disorders, cognitive health and ageing well. Whatever your health concern may be, or if you are just looking for support and a better path to follow, I look forward to meeting you and moving forward to a better version of you.

Call me on 0424 442 773 or send me an email through my contact form if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment. I look forward to speaking with you!